Crowley & Company Personal Tax Services El Paso

Founded on Trust and Knowledge

Crowley & Company provide a Tax Service designed to help you keep more of the money you earn. You work hard for the income you receive, and our company works year-round to ensure we are available to assist you in managing your taxes.  Personal taxpayers rely on their tax return as a source of income each year, and we help ensure you get the tax return you deserve.  Our team will guide the process for you each step of the way. Tax Services El Paso

Our certified tax preparers include an Enrolled Agent who will work diligently for you.

Our process includes the review of prior year tax returns and documents thoroughly to ensure you receive every deduction you are entitled to under the tax code.  All financial situations are different and that is why the professionals of Crowley & Company are here to help you get organized for Tax Season.  When it comes to integrity and knowledge, Crowley & Company are an established company with a proven track record of providing a reliable tax service at a competitive price. Contact Us Today! Tax Services El Paso

Print Check List And Keep Track Of Tax Documents As You Receive Them Through Out The Year

Why Use An Enrolled Agent?

An Enrolled Agent is specialized in the training and background they have received.  Sean Crowley has been tested and designated by the U.S. Treasury Department as being proficient in Federal Taxation and Tax Accounting. Enrolled Agents like Sean Crowley are regulated by the Federal Government, not by the states (as are attorneys and CPAs). He must maintain his specialized expertise through continuing professional education to maintain his IRS accreditation. His training is unique in that he is included within the only group of tax professionals who report verification of their continuing professional education hours earned directly to the Internal Revenue Service.  When it comes to knowing what it takes to ensure your taxes are done right, the first time, and every time, you can rely on Sean Crowley and his team of professionals at Crowley & Company to have a level of expertise not always possessed in other Tax Service and Bookkeeping provider firms.  We provide a checklist you can download and print out to help keep track of the various tax documents you receive throughout the year. Tax Services El Paso

Our Process and the Personal Services We Provide:

  • Schedule your complimentary initial consultation
  • Collect all relevant tax information (see Income Tax Checklist)
  • Promptly prepare your tax return
  • File your tax return and return all tax forms
  • We provide Tax Audit Preparation and Representation Services
  • We provide Tax Services designed to meet the needs of specific situations